Commitment to Our Passengers


Breakaway Beach’s Commitment to Your Wellbeing

At Breakaway Beach, our team has been working behind the scenes to make our trip experiences safer and more flexible for our travelers. We’ve rigorously evaluated our trips, training and policies to make sure we not only meet our travelers’ well-being expectations but exceed them in every single way. We have developed our new policies and procedures with guidance from the World Health Organization and government agencies.

We have also adapted our policies to be in line with the World Travel and Tourism Council ‘Safe Travels Stamp’ procedures.— meaning we’re a business that has adopted global, standardized health and hygiene policies. These policies are designed as precautionary measures addressing the current situation regarding COVID-19 and will consistently evolve following government guidelines.

Breakaway Beach will take all required steps to ensure your well-being; this is our priority, though rest assured that this would not prevent the fantastic experience that our passengers have come to expect from us. Anticipating a full return to travel in 2021, we are excited to announce that hotels, and vendor contracts are lined up and ready to go. We know more than ever our travelers are looking for a change of scenery to explore, connect with friends and embark on new adventures. We are looking forward to traveling with our passengers again and providing them with the trip of a lifetime. 

Read on to learn more about how we’re helping our travelers feel confident and ready to explore.

We get it; you’re desperate to book your senior trip, but what if plans change and you can’t go? We want you to feel confident booking your trip, that’s why we’ve created our Peace of Mind Protection Plan & Travel Protection Options.

Our Peace of Mind Protection allows you to book with confidence knowing that your trip will be to high safety standards and that you will have options if your plans change.

Here’s what’s included in our Peace of Mind Protection Plan:

Peace of Mind Protection 
Provided by Breakaway Beach

Global Safety

Global, standardized health and hygiene policies and procedures on all our trips.

Covid-19 Assurance from Breakaway

In the unlikely event that government restrictions prevent you from traveling in 2022 due to COVID-19, Breakaway will provide you with a suitable alternate date, or an alternate destination.

Travel Protection


Travel Protection Options
Offered by Travel Insured International

Global Safety

Global Safety

Global, standardized health and hygiene policies and procedures on all our trips.

The World Tourism Travel Council specially designed this stamp to allow travelers to recognise governments and companies around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standardised protocols – so consumers can experience ‘Safe Travels’. See more information here.



Pre-Trip Health Declaration

To ensure our passengers’ wellbeing, we ask all travelers to complete a Health Declaration before travel. It asks if travelers have tested positive for COVID-19 and are experiencing any symptoms or have recently been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. This also includes if any passengers have been outside of The United States for the past 14 days. If this is the case, passengers will not be able to travel until they are cleared by a medical professional.

Pre-Trip Email

We will continue to contact our travelers, communicate relevant changes, share health and hygiene guidelines and information around how to recognize COVID-19 symptoms. We want you to feel as prepared as possible before your amazing trip with us.



Arrival and Welcome

We’ve adapted trip arrival times to ease congestion between groups so our Destination Team can conduct their welcome, covering what to expect on your trip and all the necessary safety precautions.

Our Destination Team

Our Destination Team will submit a Self-Health Declaration before the trip as well as during and after. Our Destination Team training has adapted and enhanced to include a dedicated module on dealing with COVID-19. They are available 24/7 on-site to support the well-being of our travelers in any and every situation.

Physical Distancing and Group Size

We will be adjusting group sizes to comply with our destinations’ guidelines to ensure physical distancing requirements.

Air Travel

Specific details will vary by airport and airline, standard operations include all employees wearing masks, sanitising all surfaces between flights and implementing enhanced hygiene protocols. Please check all specifics with the airline once your flight details are released so you have the most up to date information.


All transportation is thoroughly sanitized before departure and repeatedly throughout the trip. Drivers have also received extensive training on COVID-19 prevention and regularly disinfect all common area surfaces, including handrails, door handles, tables, seating areas and overhead rails.


Travelers must bring their own masks to comply with the guidelines of the destinations we visit. It is also encouraged for passengers to bring their own hand sanitizer, though there will be some available on our transportation and the hotels.



We will only work with trusted, long-established partners that are like-minded and care about our travelers’ wellbeing. All hotels we use are fully compliant with locally mandated standards and will have confirmed their compliance with Ceremony Travel policies before our travelers’ arrival.



We’ll ask all travelers to monitor their health throughout their trip. Travelers may approach our Destination Team for their assistance with our policies if someone becomes ill or displays symptoms of COVID-19.


If a Traveler Exhibits Symptoms of COVID-19

Our Destination Team will have been trained and have detailed protocols to follow in this event. Please read our FAQs.




Destination Team Post-Trip Health Declaration

Upon completing your trip, our Destination Team will complete a post-trip health declaration indicating if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms to inform our passengers if there is any transmission.

Post-Trip Survey

After your trip, you will be able to provide us with feedback on your experience with us to continue to improve for future passengers.

As a final note, these policies are designed as precautionary measures addressing the current situation regarding COVID-19 and will consistently evolve following the guidance of The World Health Organization, government guidelines and an overall scientific approach that will all work together to keep you, our passengers safe. This is our preparedness promise to you.

COVID-19 Assurance From Breakaway


COVID-19 Assurance From Breakaway


In the unlikely event that government restrictions prevent you from traveling in 2022 due to COVID-19, Breakaway will provide you with a suitable alternate date, or an alternate destination.


What happens if a passenger on our trip demonstrates symptoms of COVID-19?

Our procedures include but are not limited to:

  1. Quickly isolating the unwell traveler and other passengers.
  2. Depending on location, this may be through physical distance or use of Personal Protective Equipment, such as a face covering and disposable gloves.
  3. Immediately seeking medical attention and a COVID-19 testing facility.
  4. Working with local authorities and following their direction.
What procedures do your hotel partners follow?

All our hotel partners will:

  1. Follow the sanitation and hygiene guidelines set out by local authorities and Breakaway Beach.
  2. Ensure all hotel staff are trained in new COVID-19 prevention policies
  3. Ensure appropriate physical distancing in all common areas
  4. Make hand sanitizer available in common areas
  5. Thoroughly sanitize rooms between travelers
  6. Frequently clean and monitor high traffic areas
What does your Destination Team’s COVID-19 training include?

Our Destination Team’s COVID-19 training includes but is not limited to:

  1. How COVID-19 spreads
  2. Symptoms of COVID-19 and identifying potentially unwell travelers
  3. Effective personal hygiene and effective prevention techniques
  4. Effective use of PPE (personal protection equipment)
  5. Appropriate physical distancing protocols
  6. Preventative measures to ensure your wellbeing
  7. Protocols in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case
How will Rooming work for your passengers?

Our team is currently working on a plan of what our trips will look like in a new COVID-19 environment. If COVID-19 remains an issue next year, and you are not comfortable traveling, our Peace of Mind Protection has you covered. As the situation evolves, we’re also continuing to adapt and enhance our policies to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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