Playa Del Carmen


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Playa Del Carmen


If you’re a beach bum through and through, then there’s arguably no better place in Mexico to visit than Playa Del Carmen. Home to some of the most pristine beaches in Mexico, everywhere you turn, there’s a stylish, Instagram-worthy spot awaiting you. Immerse yourself in local culture with iconic attractions like the Tulum ruins, the only Mayan city built on the coast! Playa Del Carmen’s spectacular coastline and hippie-chic vibe make it one of the best destinations for senior trip!



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Admit it, booking flights is the worst. That’s why we do it for you so the journey to your destination is just as chill as the destination itself. You just need to show up and oh. don’t forget your passport!


We know that the hotel you stay at plays a huge role in your overall trip experience. That’s why, we spend  hours scouting and inspecting all hotels in our programs. We strive to ensure our hotels have the highest quality standards, and amazing amenities tailored towards travelling students. All our hotels are conveniently located so you and your friends can easily explore.

Pool Activities, Games, and Contets

There’s never a dull moment during the day as we organize tons of activities and games. Play a game of beach volleyball, get your float on in the pool or get a little competitive and enter into the King and Queen of the Beach competition to win the crown. Oh, and did we mention we also have daily contests for your chance to win some dope prizes.

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This is the place to be during the day. Our Breakaway team will be hanging out somewhere central, playing music, playing games and having a time! Make sure to stop by and hang!

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Just when you think the days in the city aren’t fun enough, Montreal comes at you with the best nightlife around. With so many options, you’ll never have to seek out the party – it’ll be all right at your fingertips!

Social Media Team

Let’s be real, paradise is the best backdrop for pictures. It’s just a fact. That’s why we hire the best travel photographers and videographers. Our media team will be there those perfect candid moments.

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Have a question? Swing by our info desk, the hub of all the information you need for your trip. This is your go to hot spot for your daily check-ins, sign-ups for excursions and events and more.

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