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What Our Travelers Had To Say

Traveling with breakaway was an amazing experience. The hotel staff and especially the breakaway staff were all extremely helpful when it came to assisting us with any questions and concerns. Being and feeling safe when traveling to a different country is always a top priority and I felt taken care of by all of the staff. The excursions we’re super fun and I would definitely recommend traveling with Breakaway Beach!

— Ryan G

I wasn’t sure at first about this senior trip because I didn’t know much about it but I heard about others going on this trip in the past so I signed up. I AM SO GLAD I DID! It was literally the best trip ever and the best way to celebrate graduating high school. Being surrounded by so many other students , staff there for you whenever and wherever you need them and the best pool parties and night events! There’s a reason you with a reputable company , highly recommend!

— Heather B

My senior trip to the Bahamas last year was one to remember! Breakaway beach team on-site was seriously phenomenal! Blew us out of the water with the overall experience and all of the activities planned. I got to meet a ton of new friends from all across the US that will be forever friends. Having the opportunity to volunteer with locals was the most rewarding part of my trip. I’m excited for my sister to have the same opportunity as me when she’s a senior. Lasting memories. Thanks Breakaway Beach for that.

— Lara S

Anyone thinking about planning or attending a senior trip– Breakaway Beach is the way to go. Before the trip, staff members and representatives were always available to answer any questions we had, and provided all the information possible about our trip. The trip itself was such an unforgettable experience. Every day had new activities and every night had incredible themes at different locations. My senior trip in the Bahamas exceeded every expectation I had. Anyone who has attended their senior trip will attest to it being one of the best weeks of their lives. Breakaway Beach does not disappoint!

— Eileen M

Breakaway beach was a trip that I will always remember! From start to finish everything was well organized and we were attended no matter what our needs were. The staff made sure we were safe and checked up on us. This trip doesn’t just offer a chance to be with your graduating class but offers you a chance to meet people from around the state and country.

There is endless opportunities to enjoy this trip from the beautiful beach and hotel to banana boat rentals it really is the perfect trip. This is truly a one of a kind trip that happens only once in your life. Many people were hesitant initially but the people that ended up going didn’t want to leave. Now all we do is post Snapchat memories from last year’s breakaways beach trip. One of my best memories! Thank you to Breakaway Beach for making the end of my senior year one to remember.

— Gaby C

My breakaway trip was undoubtedly an amazingly fun experience that I got to share with not only 100+ seniors from my high school, but the graduating class of schools from all over the state! Breakaway exceeded all my expectations. The location, hotel, and events were all beautiful and wicked fun. The staff was easy to reach out to and having reps from your own school helped answer many students’ questions. I was a rep for my school (which made the incredible trip even better) and one of my favorite aspects of the trip was having all my friends come up to me throughout the week and say how happy they were to be there! It was truly the best way to celebrate all together as a class one last time. I would absolutely recommend to any senior! Thank you Breakaway!

— Lexi C

What Our Reps Had To Say

Working with Breakaway has been a pleasure! All my concerns about traveling abroad with my class were answered promptly and they really plan to give us the best vacation package. They were very considerate for giving us a full insurance package during these unprecedented times and always kept us to date with updates. As a representative, I gained many leadership skills when promoting the trip through social media and phone calls. This trip will definitely be on to remember!

— Tracy D

I am a student rep for my class. Being a part of breakaway to help plan a senior trip for my class made the planning 10x easier. Very quick communication with all my questions while having a company to help and provide you with many resources to get as much of your class to join made the planning easier as a high school student! Really recommend other schools to take this once in a life time opportunity!

— Ashley M

As a class rep for my senior trip breakaway made our trip possible. they did everything to get us to an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. they had everything planned and organized for us for the whole week and the entire breakaway beach staff enjoyed the trip just as much as we did. i love breakaway and my class appreciates them greatly.

— John B

I was one of the reps for the 2022 trips. Breakaway beach has very well trained trip advisors that made planning the trip super easy! They are experienced and know how to plan an epic trip. My friends and I are counting down the days until our trip & can’t wait to make unforgettable memories. Planning the trip is super easy and as a student rep you just have to worry about outreach and your trip advisor will lead you the rest of the way. Planning the trip is a great way to work on communication, leadership, and cooperation skills! Breakaway Beach has your back and wants you to plan an awesome trip. All of our classmates are super excited to go on the graduation trip and we have no regrets planning it alongside breakaway.

— Alyssa

I was an organizer for my senior trip with breakaway beach and my trip exceeded my expectations. The staff was really nice and always available to talk during the planning process. By the time the actual trip came around everything flowed smoothly and we were able to really enjoy ourselves when we were in the Bahamas. The leads were very friendly and always willing to help!

— Bernice P

as skeptical as me and my friends were going on a senior trip with Breakaway (our school has never done something like this before) we weren’t sure what to expect. But it was way better then we ever thought!!!!! They set everything up for us, made us feel so safe and delivered the best Parties i have ever been to!! DJ Lowkie was our Fav! and we also met a ton of friends!!!

— Amy P

What Parents Had To Say

I was very happy with Breakaway’s communication and experience for both of my kids. They have travelled with this company for two different graduating/senior years and had the ‘best week of their lives’ as they quote. I was able to get all the information needed. The lady who was their representative was informative and quick to help. I recommend letting your kids travel in their senior year with this group. They will remember it forever.

— Bob B

My daughter attended a Breakaway Senior trip to Bahamas with a big group of her friends. She was so pleased with the experience when she came home. The Breakaway chaperones were always around helping them out with anything thy needed. Jessica and her friends said it was one of the best weeks of their lives. I’m glad we made the decision to send her.

— Chris C

My son and his friends from his senior class went with Breakaway for their Senior Trip. I was very impressed with the entire experience. The boys had an amazing time and havnt stopped talking about it even a year later. The rep was informative and i felt very safe sending him with this group.

— Ch R

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